Early Warning

by dominic maitland

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I've been living on the Suffolk coast in England for about eighteen months and during this time the sounds of this strange landscape have been seeping into my head- the sloshing of the waves on the shingle, the rain on the rusted corrugated roof of the balcony and the low thud of the containers being lowered onto the ships in port at night.

Along with the sounds there is a strange rough mystery to this part of the world that I see all around me, with it's marshes and heaths, buried Saxon ships, derelict brutalist buildings, UFO sightings, crumbling ramshackle boat houses and the brown water that washes up sharks teeth, balls of Amber and sea coal and under which there was once a vast pine forest populated with the bones of Sabre Tooth Tigers, Mammoths and neolithic tribes.

The title of this work 'Early Warning' comes from the numerous Martello towers and (perhaps abandoned?) MOD buildings scattered along the coast that served as the first defence against attack from the East. It is also a coast under under continual threat from erosion and flooding.

I originally envisaged combining field recording with synth textures. What started as finding a third space between the soft yet cold and, at times, sinister synth chords and the processed field recordings of bird song, shoreline textures, a train journey and rain on the roof expanded to take in samples of noise that were mixed into the final lossless digital recordings.


released August 3, 2015



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